Mike (augustine) wrote,

One lesson I am having to learn at the moment is trying to take one moment at a time, "sanctifying the present moment"...It's something that I have especially had to learn the last few days (which explains why I have been absent from LiveJournal recently).

My father, who had been a mechanic for about forty years and was the hardest working man I ever knew, is unable to work now, due to various physical problems (a bulging disc in his back, all the cartilage is gone from his knee, he is blind in one eye, etc.). But the only trade he ever knew was being a mechanic (i.e., for industrial sewing machines in factories). He has been trying to get disability, but they have been playing games with him for over two years now, pretending he can still work (which is nonsense). Since reality is quite different from what the government thinks, in that he really can't work, my sister and I have been living with my parents, trying to earn enough money to pay bills and so forth, until my father is able to take early retirement in April of next year. It has been difficult, but certainly manageable.

But now my sister will have to be leaving. She has an opportunity to finally regain custody of her son, but in order to do so she will have to move, as reluctant as she is to do so. But she (rightly) thinks she has to take advantage of this opportunity, since she might not get another. But since she is moving, that means we will have to rely on my income alone. Since there are not really any good jobs around here that I can do, I have been having to work at a Dollar General. While I do have a full-time job there, still, it goes without saying it isn't exactly the highest paying job in the world, and so finances are definitely going to be tight. We are fortunate enough to own where we live (a small mobile home), so that is one bill we do not need to worry about, but there are plenty of others, and we're going to have to cut back even more. (We're going to try to keep the Internet, if at all possible, however.)

Moreover, the car recently went out (as in, it would be cheaper to buy a new car than to fix our old one). So that means we have no car at the moment (and there's not really any public transportation around here). Thankfully, I live within walking distance of work, and hopefully with my income tax money when I get it my family can get some type of used car that runs, but still...

Anyway, not to try to bore you too much, but I was just wishing to explain the situation a little that we find ourselves in, and ask for your prayers. They would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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